• Flexible Bars Isoflexx


    The insulated, laminated and highly flexible E-Cu busbar Isoflexx sets a new standard in the field of flexible busbars with its highly developed and proven technology.

    Isoflexx consists of several copper lamellas, lying one unto the other. These are durably protected by a high-quality special pvc - insulation (Isoflexx Classic) or another environmentally friendly halogen-free silicone insulation (Isoflexx Premium).

  • Flexible Bars Ultraflexx


    Ultraflexx busbars are highly flexible connectors, produced from copper braided flexbiles, the ends are press welded.  Contrary to the generally applied pressed connector technology, the whole terminal is presswelded over the entire surface and can be treated like a large end, offering several advantages

  • MBS earthing braids


    The MBS earthing braids of SPS Standard Produkte Schwanenmühle GmbH are extremely flexible connections, manufactured of highly flexible braids with single wires 0.15 mm on average.

    High quality, due to a lifelong experience and additionally an excellent cost performance ratio prove that SPS standard products are more than flexible.


  • Cuponal busbars


  • Copper busbars



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